Wednesday, January 16, 2008

work = tired + fun + learn new stuff

I just started working about two weeks ago. i had learnt so many things & there's so much more yet to learn! i work everyday except Wednesdays. i'm quite happy to meet all my new colleagues. not trying to be secretive, but being as superstitious as i am always, i'm not suppose to tell where am i working at for my own safety. hehe. so don't ask.

Anyway, its been soooo long since i last updated my blog about myself. i've been sleeping at 3 or 4am every night lately! it's either i'm out or just lying on my bed with eyes wide open every night! my mind always wander around
for some reason. that's why i look like a zombie without make up.

Sometimes i wonder whether have i changed. I'm so confused about myself lately. huh.. anyway, who cares! i'll just go with the flow~~ & enjoy every single moment of it! cuz i only live once!

peace out, people!

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