Friday, December 21, 2007

Dinner with PM

Went to a dinner with our one & only Prime Minister last Monday, 17th December 2007 at Puchong Indah. My family & uncle's family had 2 tables for ourselves. Our table was quite near to PM's table. haha.

At first, our family thought it was just some charity dinner or something like that. so we dressed casually to the dinner! And i just wore a pair of jeans & a black top! when we read the programme book, we were like - oopps! haha.

Anyway, being the VVVIP, our PM arrived at 9.00pm, which is way off the usual dinner time. After prayers & everybody's speech, dinner finally started at 9.45pm. more like supper time to me.

There were performances from some malay artists. I was too busy filling up my stomach, so i didn't really pay attention to what's going on at the stage. we waited for 2hrs for the dinner to start & finished our dinner in 30mins & left 10mins after we finished our dinner. haha.

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