Sunday, December 16, 2007

A Day in Fitness First

my whole body's aching.. so many things are going through my mind. & i can't sleep.. it's already 3.30am now.

after working out, i joined this body balance class in fitness first today. it's a combination of yoga, tai chi & pilates (though i had no idea on whats all that at first)! it's very much tougher than i thought! i can't do so many steps!

i can't split, stand on one foot for a few minutes with my other limbs doing some other actions, turn my upper body 180 degrees to the back with my lower body facing the front while sitting & many more la.. argh..

anyhow, i met a really nice & pleasant instructor during this class. she's so motivating. though i feel like crap now, i still look forward to another body balance class. hehe.

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