Sunday, October 7, 2007

something random

Just something random.. and lucky for you bitch! you are the chosen one!

"BITCH! whoever you are, don't think i don't know what you're trying to do! you better watch your mouth before i'll give it a tight slap & burn it! who do you think you are? you think you're special? yes, you are, but NOT in this lifetime! know your limits and no, you don't have any advantage for being whoever to that someone! yes, i am selfish, self-centered, possessive, sensitive, unforgiving, have problems accepting certain things and watever you wana call me. but one thing for sure is that I'M MORE WORTHY THAN YOU! don't be jealous because that will only make you uglier! before i clear up my problem, i just wana let you know that i hate you! not for who you are, but for what you did! and i want you to remember that for the rest of your life!"

dear readers, please do not feel offended by words used in this post. because the person who suppose to read this does not have the access to my blog. so don't worry, it's not anyone of you. and it's just something random. something that just came across my mind. so there is no need to comment or ask me about it. thank you for reading.


Miux said...

For a second, i thought it's some lyrics from an underground emo band

Jiaqi said...

wow.. i can be a lyricist d! lol!

Sek Sze Wei said...

Sounded so... Avril Lavigne!! lol...

Jiaqi said...

avril lavigne? lol! i didn't know she sounds like that! -_-"

evacoolstranger said...

hey....i'm sorry k.really sorry..

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