Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration

My family and i went somewhere in Puchong last weekend to celebrate the mid-autumn festival. here are a few interesting pictures of lanterns made of waste material submitted by the contestants for the lantern-making competition.

piggy! quite creative. made of big empty bottle. the two person behind are my cousins busy taking pictures of lanterns.

bittergourd! with frogs, worms and some leaves.

me posing with the rabbit couple resting in the moon. lol!

On Tuesday night, my family had a little celebration for ourselves. yea, so i played candles outside my house till i felt so tired after that & went right to bed without preparing anything for my bio paper 2 which is on the next day!

lighted circle of candles

my lantern

my dog watching the candles burning and my younger brother burning some rubbish!

the moon is still so bright this morning

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