Sunday, May 27, 2007

Don't Ask Me Why!

depression.. confusion.. or is it.. grr.. i just don't understand!

i was very surprised. i met up with him today. it has been quite some time.. he showed me his new set of tattoo. looks quite cool tho & he told me that one of those skeletons represents me -_-"

something happened after that. i'm confused. is there anything more than "that"? he acted differently when we were alone & when his friends were around. omg.. feels as if i don't know him anymore. & i really couldn't prevent 'some other thing that happened after that' to happen.. not like i'm the other person rite?

to him: ok, u were sorta pissed. & so was i. at least u saw i tried my best to keep my distance rite? somehow, i kinda feel that i don't worth a cent to u.. i really couldn't believe u actually asked me "that" question! f*%# u! (hopefully he doesn't read this!)

at one moment, i was really pissed at myself for being there at the first place! well, now that i'm back home, i just want everything to be back to normal. besides, the whole bunch of them were having hangovers at that time. i don't wana think about stuff like that anymore! at least not until stpm is over! & i swear i'll slap that stupid hand of mine if i ever react stupidly towards anything like that anymore! im so emo lah now.. gah.. just don't ask me anything about this!

[Ever The Same - Rob Thomas]

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