Saturday, May 19, 2007

Bad Day

yesterday, my computer got spoiled by my brother. & today, guess what? car accident.. yes, it's damn saddening. cuz this is my first time banging onto another car. i was going on a slow speed, then the car in front suddenly brake & i did brake too. just that i couldn't stop on time.. & BANG! there goes my car bonnet, bumper & left head-light! as usual, proton cars.. haih.. wasn't really sad about the car accident cuz the white guy was nice. he talked to me nicely & at least he didn't ask me to pay for the few scratches on his back bumper. the sad thing about this is when i got home.. haih.. i guess everyone knows what happened then. no need me to elaborate on that.. the only thing that could comfort me was the freebies & shrek 3 premiere movie tickets from flyfm troopers. at one moment, i thought i was lucky.. until the stupid car accident!
blah.. i didn't take a shot of the damage on my car. cuz it's dark already & i don't like looking at it! k, that's all for now..

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Anonymous said...

ey...chill~~ u hv experience it..soo nx time be more careful and alert....okay~ huggies...muax muax...take good care of urself...


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