Sunday, April 22, 2007

Good Charlotte!

Last night, 21st April 2007, was Good Charlotte's concert! it was AWESOME! music was cool.. one not so good thing about it was the crowd! there were soooo many people there. i was standing quite at the front among the non-digi users. i was pushed & got stepped by people around me! (argh!) i didn't stay until the concert ends. i left the place at around 11pm. i could barely walk when i left the concert! my feet was swollen! oh.. & i like that guy who plays the guitar & keyboard! omg.. he's soooo cute! so everything was worth it. hehe. for those who didn't go, you really missed an awesome concert! hah.. here are a few best shots i took before, during & after the concert. (btw, i'm not really a fan of Good Charlotte. so i don't know the names of the band members. lol!):

Good Charlotte, here we come!

the lead singer

guitarist & lead singer


oh, this is the cute guy! he plays the guitar & keyboard! damn chunted lah!

while waiting for the next song...

hoping that satchid would probably appear in the pic! lol..

mamak session after the concert

sore & swollen foot! =(

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