Sunday, April 15, 2007

Ecology Project!

Just like all the other bio students, my group & i went to OUG to do our ecology project. we arrived at our project site at about 7.10am. oh yeah, thanks guo zhang for bringing us to the site! even though it was quite early, but by 9am, it was already so sunny! so we quickly finished up our stuff & left the site at 10.30am.

our project site

there's vitya & lavania doing the quadrat thingy

them again

our bags & shadow of yee han & me.
when we lifted our bags up before going back, there were SOOOOO many tiny insects hiding underneath! so you can imagine how hot it actually was! till the insects had to hide underneath our bags! when we left, a biawak was hiding at my car's tyre! ahh! luckily i don't plan to be an ecologist!

after finishing our project, we had lunch & hanged out at OUG. the time we spent hanging out at boutiques & malls is even longer than the time we spent at our project site! lol.. came home with backache.. huh.. but it was indeed a HOT & fun day!

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