Thursday, February 1, 2007

Stab My Back..

huh.. i really can't believe how bitchy a guy can get until i see it for myself! i know i shouldn't be bothered, but i really can't stand it! ugh..! btw, my definition of bitchy is acting like a freaking aunty gossiping behind people's back & act like a fool in front of that person.. (regardless a guy or a girl)! people like that often think they are so cool, no offense but the fact is that they are just plain cowards! this kind of people is worse than a piece of trash cuz u won't know when he/she is bein true to you! cuz there might be a thousand meaning behind that smile..! huh.. really dislike people like that! ok.. enough of this topic. talking about this kills 10X more brain cells than usual!

huh.. school.. oh yea, i dissected a flower today! flame of forest.. it has this strong & sweet smell.. but not very pleasant one.. like rotten egg! haha. if u sniff it hard enough, u can probably faint on the spot! lol! the flower is so fragile that it can break into pieces with even the softest touch! haha. but most of us managed to cut it into exact half, while some did it with the help of UHU glue (u know what i mean ;p ). btw, the flower looks something like this (don't judge a book by its cover! it might look nice, but it smells awful! lol!) :

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shiauweee pillowboy said...

hey....u ok mah? your post makes ya sound kinda funny..ahahah...and angry..ahhaha...

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