Tuesday, January 16, 2007

All Nick!

huh.. just came back from tuition. had badminton training before that! & now my body is aching all over! haha. hmm.. its time to show off my collection.. of Nick's photos! =P haha. hopefully can fit everything in here. from my most favourite(top) to the least(bottom). hehe. but the one i love most is of course the one in my second post! with the tattoo~ lol! enjoy!

sweaty but sweet ~

"yeng" or not?

smile smile

Nick & his guitar

unshaved ~

nick with mic..


should i or should i not pick up the note on the floor? *lol*

i had never paid my bills! *TaDa*






the no-so-big-sized version of the hulk; starring nick wheeler.

hey, i heard that! backstabbing is no good!


the retard look

i can finish a hamburger at one mouth!

shaggy style!

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